MBTI: The Brutally Honest Profiles: A response

Saving the worst for last, INTJ probably have the worst people skills of all types yet they’ll pretend they have this whole humanity thing figured out.

Oh you’re an INTJ with people skills? Oh, you’ve just got it all, don’t you! Such a Mastermind! Way to catch up with the communicating techniques and expressions the rest of us learned in fifth grade. Pinnacle of intellect, you are.

If you are an INTJ with friends, makes sure you actually take the time to focus on others. And no, it’s not a good thing that you don’t, it makes you sincerely unlikable. No, really- I know you think this is a good thing but it’s not. Think about things other people do/say that get on your nerves and that’s how you’re seen by others. Not intimidatingly brilliant, just aggravating.

You may have a difficult time with people in part due to the fact that you’re ready to tell them their problem before they actually get anything out. Let’s just clear this up- You don’t know anything about people so stop giving advice on them. You’re not arguing with this are you? No, certainly not. You’re up to date on all of your flaws, aren’t you? Nothing we can’t tell you that you don’t already know.

This quote is from http://zombiesruineverything.com/2014/04/28/mbti-the-brutally-honest-profiles/ blog post MBTI: The Brutally Honest Profiles. I think that this is quite funny, and quite true.


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