Stepping up as a leader.

Stepping up as a leader is something that I do when everybody else sucks and I can do a good job. I don’t do it often, because either the already established leader is doing a good job or I just don’t care enough to take charge.

Stepping up as a leader means recognizing that the action is necessary for the betterment of the group and environment. It also means recognizing what I need to be in the moment. Stepping up as a leader is a response that is based on an assessment of the environment and the people and the impulse of stepping in to ensure that something is done well. It is as logical as it is a gut instinct in me that is in play.

Stepping up as a leader means that you become responsible for the direction that the group takes and the results that are obtained from that moment. At the moment that I step up, I know that I am responsible for everyone’s wellbeing and production in that context.

Stepping up as a leader is a risk. I am putting myself out there to be judged for how I perform. I am risking failure. I know that I can make crucial mistakes that are to the detriment of the group.

Stepping up as a leader is not for everyone. It takes a certain set of traits to become a leader. It also depends on what your standing with a group is. Even in the book Machiavelli the author stated that you can’t be a good king if no one follows you. If I know no one will follow me, then I know that there is no point in stepping up as a leader because it will be a waste of everyone’s time.

Stepping up as a leader is a formative experience for the person that is doing this. If done with humility, then this action can form the leader mentality and character over time and practice.