Challenges of life as an INTJ.

We all faces challenges in this world because of the personality that we have. As an INTJ that looks for self-understanding, I want to be able to explain what’s behind my behaviors.

Greeting someone as an extrovert. We cannot physically greet someone but do so in our minds. No one cares about what we are able to do with our mind, though… so we are screwed.

Responding correctly to social cues. I have found myself in situations where things collectively change socially, gender segregation occurs or the group I’m in all decide to leave the area without saying a word, and I never get the memo. All of a sudden I find myself alone and confused trying to figure out what went wrong.

Reconciling what is on our mind with what my reality is. When I see myself doing something, I see myself as a rock star being successful. Then the moment passes and I realize that I am still a work in progress. Then I have to pick myself up and try again.

Trying to not get stuck in details that don’t matter. This one might be more of my challenge that representative of all INTJs, but I don’t know.

Maintaining humility. I have found myself thinking that I am better than I am and better at something than everyone else. I have found myself thinking that I am indispensable. Part of what I had to learn at my previous job was that this mentality causes more harm than good for everybody and I have to keep the healthy perspective of who I am and what my capabilities are.

Working with other people to accomplish a task. I like to go by myself to come up with ideas to complete a task or just do a task on my own. When I can’t do that, I feel that I am not working at my highest capacity.

Measuring success adequately. I have to work hard to measure how successful my life is. When I have been unemployed, I feel more like a failure than a success. When I have been employed, I feel more successful even though I am struggling at work and the job is leading to nowhere meaningful.


Having a generator is a privilege.

I was almost 2 months without being able to use the generator that my father had installed in the house I live and I don’t have electricity where I live. My generator needed a valve adjustment. It took 3 weeks to get someone to make an initial diagnosis. it took another 5 weeks for another person to correctly diagnose the problem and fix it. Having to deal with 5 weeks of “no electricity” unnecessarily got me pissed.

I tried not to show it because it doesn’t do anything good. But I also realized that having a generator is a privilege. There are so many people in the world that doesn’t have the head start that I have gotten and have bigger problems than I have. I am so grateful of the circumstance that God has put me in because I could have ended in a war zone. I have learned whenever God shows me my privilege that I need to be humble and be grateful for His grace.

I wish that I can get electricity soon. I won’t lie. I have battled with the desperation and helplessness of not being able to do anything about that situation. I know now that this experience made me appreciate what having a generator and having electricity means. I hope that I don’t forget to be grateful and humble for the privilege that I have.

What I learned from playing the card game of war.

Finding entertainment in a Puerto Rico post-Maria is a challenge. I found a deck of cards at my house and I started playing card games. Solitaire, black jack, and war… by myself. In playing War, I have learned several things:

  1. I don’t know what your resources are until I have gone through all of the cards on my deck.
  2. I have to win the game with what I got.
  3. Rigging the game doesn’t guarantee victory.
  4. Things can change in an instant. Keep being persistent
  5. It’s hard to be unbiased and not choose sides.

Intj’s ideal church ministry.

When I was younger, I would act on plays and do other public things. Yet I always felt a great level of discomfort when I was acting or singing in the altar. I realize now that even though the experiences were pivotal for my growth and sense of belonging to a group, what I was involved in wasn’t the areas where I was excellent at. 
Now that I’m older, have a graduate degree, and work experience, I have a better understanding of what things I want to be a part of in the church. I realized that I really like writing proposals for church initiatives. I believe that this is an area where I can put to use all I have learned and I can take advantage of the strengths of being an intj.