My INTJ perspective of what I want to be as a Christian.

I want to play into my strengths. I want for my introverted and analytical nature to be seen as good and valuable. I want to be a calm, cool, and collected Christian that has a peaceful vibe. I want to be logical and intuitive. I want to live out a more contemplative brand of Christianity.  I want to be able to be a welcoming force for God to reveal His secrets.

I want to be a representation of the value of being open to learning experiences with God. I want to normalize using the brain that God gave me to serve in the church I am a part of without having to sensor aspects of myself because they can’t be used by God for good. I want to be a leader that works to help the long term vision of the church be transmitted and come to fruition.

I want to be a person whose humor doesn’t have to exclude being respected as a leader. I want to be the type of Christian that can preach the Word of God providing fresh perspectives to the people I am meant to serve. I want to be this attractive force for people that believe in the type of vision that God give me.

I want to become the type of person and Christian that will make God proud of me.




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