Introverts in Church by Adam McHugh

I finished reading this book two weeks ago. I liked the book. I could identify with everything that was told about introverts. I think that what is most valuable about the book is that it not only stated the reality of introverts in the church but it gave practical tools for introverts to thrive in the church but for leaders to help introverts thrive in the church. I think that it’s a book where introverts can see that there experience in church is normal and that they can find their place in any church. I think that this is a book that shows the value of introverts in churches and gives options for how to navigate being involved in the church without loosing who we are as introverts.

I think that if a church wants to use their human resource efficiently, the leaders especially should learn about the variety that exist in the church and how to fit them in effectively. This book is one of the resources that churches should use to help them accomplish a better use of their members.


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