How to get access to an INTJ’s core

Getting to an INTJ’s core is no easy task. Most people are not worthy of even getting access to an INTJ. In my case, it takes a special person to get access and see the holiest layer of my life: a person of my choosing. Not only does it take a special person to get inside, but also to survive and handle appropriately the type of information that is contained inside. Once a person is chosen as a potential candidate to get the access, there is a long and lengthy probation process to see if whoever I find fit actually deserves it. The process usually lasts 11 months- 1 year and in this time period anything that I think of goes.

There is really no standard rubric to core access probation. It really depends on the person on probation and the context of the interaction with the person. Good luck on figuring that one out.

If the person passes probation, they get to be a part of my inner circle. They get access to heavily guarded information.

Oh. Before I forget. There is no guarantee of lifetime access to an INTJ’s core. This access can be taken away with actions that are deemed unfit for the level of access that has been granted. In fact, not being able to handle the implications of getting access to heavily guarded information is one of the primary reasons for demotion.


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