The importance of a father’s blessing in hard choices.

Last week I was thinking about the hardest decision I had to make: whether to take my first job or study a master’s/doctorate degree. My biological father gave me the push that I needed to choose the job. His words when he said go work was: “you will get much more benefit from working than from studying”. I agreed, trusting my father’s judgement.

It’s been close to 6 months since I started working. I can say that he was right. He put his father’s blessing over this decision and he sort of prophesied over my time at work. As I started the job, I saw benefits that I didn’t anticipate. I was more productive. I felt that I was making a better use of my time. I started to feel sexy/confident at my second week at the job. I lost weight and went from being overweight to normal weight. I had a means to sustain myself. I went through a process of learning to handle a work environment. I was confronted with my weaknesses. I saw how awesome was this door that God opened for me. My perspective was widened. My goals in life became clearer.

When I realized this, I realized how important a father’s blessing is. My biological father has been a fundamental force in pushing me to try things that otherwise I wouldn’t try. This was the hardest choice that I have made in my life. God used my father to answer a hard question: what should I choose?

Every once in a while he asks if I think I made the right choice. My answer is now more than ever, yes.



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