Disadvantages of being the youngest in the family.

  1. Having to deal with everyone’s mean behavior towards me.
  2. I get treated as if I’m not competent to do anything.
  3. No one listens to my voice of reason because I am the youngest.
  4. I am not involved in family decisions.
  5. I can’t defend myself from the older siblings actions.
  6. I have to deal with the implications of everybody’s reputations.
  7. I live under everyone’s shadow… until I’m old enough to make my own.
  8. I have to deal with the family’s expectations of me.
  9. I am in a perpetual catch up with them.
  10. The comparison game.

Christmas With Family.

This year I decided to celebrate Christmas with my sister and her husband at Boston. It’s Christmas Day, and I’m up at 8:15 am. Everyone else is either sleeping or trying to sleep more. I can’t help but wake up when the sun comes up… and stay awake. One of the biggest challenges for me has been the temperature difference between here and Puerto Rico. I feel that I’m in an everlasting air conditioner, even though the place has a central heating system. It’s a bit too cold for me at night. But those are minor things.

I really like Boston. Every time that I go from the airport to where I will stay at, I have the desire to live in a city like Boston. It really is a beautiful city. By looks alone, I wouldn’t mind living here.

I came here to be with my sister and her husband before my sister got so pregnant that she couldn’t walk. My brother found out my plans and decided to tag along. That immediately scared me because the last time that I was with them both, I had a subpar time. I braced myself for a time of faking happiness and showing sadness at night before bed. I thought that I was going to return worse than how I left.

Boy, have I been wrong. I had time to be with my sister and Philip before my brother arrived on the morning after I got there. So I got the time I wanted. But the time I have been with them together has been fun. Necessary. It’s the first time where we hang out and we are in pretty much the same phase in our lives. It felt different. 

Hopefully it stays that way. I am glad to be celebrating Christmas with them. Merry Christmas to all.

Lessons learned in 2016.

  1. Sometimes the biggest problem is myself.
  2. Other times the biggest problem is the other person.
  3. Nothing is given to me… except the circumstances around where I was raised and the opportunities to make something out of myself.
  4. God’s plans can involve being in an apparent state of limbo because he has things to teach in that time.
  5. God’s plans also includes progress and being out of that limbo.
  6. God will not tell you what He is doing in really hard periods.
  7. When something is asked of a group of people I am at to have a particular perspective, and I am the one person capable to have it, I should step up and deliver.
  8. Confidence is more powerful than I thought.
  9. Getting a job does not only have economic benefits. My whole life can change for the better if I let it.
  10. Hard decisions are a part of life that I have to take serious, but they are not the end of the world… just the end of the world as I knew it.