Style, weight, and confidence.

Today I got dressed with a gray v-neck t-shirt, blue khakis with a black belt, gray and white socks, and black classic slip on Vans. Usually, this is the type of thing that I wear when I don’t care what I look like… except the socks. I have just grown to like funky socks and wear them with confidence.

Since I started working, I have noticed and increase in confidence and a desire to explore with clothes and style to see what truly fits me. My work environment is awesome in that aspect. I have also noticed that I lost weight because of a lifestyle change where I have had to cook more meals for work and I had to deal with severe heartburn.

Fashion to me has been the aspect of my life that has gone through the most changes. It has also been the area in my life that has suffered many restrictions. I have principles regarding clothing that won’t change, but I have not always had the confidence nor the economic freedom to explore the fullness of my style… until now. Now I can explore what is more me through fashion and find my real sense of style.

When I wore the gray t-shirt this morning I noticed how much better it looked and felt because the stomach’s smaller. I also realized how much I had grown as a person, because the clothes that I choose to wear at a particular moment is a good indicator of where I am in my life. I would have never worn the blue khakis or the funky socks if I hadn’t gotten the confidence to rock it. This is awesome, and I look forward to future positive progress in style, weight, and confidence.



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