What no dress code means to me.

The impression that I got at my new job when I saw what no dress code meant was “you have permission to wear jeans every day”. Grant it, I was told this while wearing a suit.

When I heard that there is no dress code, I got pissed off at my sister-in-law because she put in me the idea that I needed to wear suits every day to give an aura of professionalism the day before and, because of that, I had bought several suits the day before. When I told this to her, she justified her actions as necessary… just like my mother would.

The second thing that I thought of was that I didn’t have to worry that I would wear something that wasn’t professional, because no one was going to reprimand me for what I wore… be it something really dressy or something really casual.

After that first week, I realized that I was in a place where I could explore what I wanted my professional style to be to the fullest extent. I could slowly incorporate different elements to my style, like boots, fancy colored socks, wingtips, and watches, without fear.

This is something I plan to take full advantage of.


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