When an INTJ is considering saying “I love you” to someone.

The World is ending.

Okay… maybe not. But it is a big deal. When an INTJ thinks about saying “I love you”, there is a significant amount of energy exerted. The action is one that follows an immense amount of reflection.

When an INTJ considers whether to intentionally say “I love you”, it  means that they have received a sign from their subconscious that they are approaching a level in a human dynamic that may earn that privilege. This is scary for an INTJ, because it means that they have to question whether the person that they are considering to say “I love you” to is the exception to the long-standing rules of restraint.

After an INTJ has deemed fit to admit that they love someone, then comes the second hard part: actually saying it to the person’s face. This ain’t easy, given that the correct timing might not come for a while and that the first time that the INTJ says “I love you” it will be a disaster. It is torture for INTJs to say things that they are unaccustomed to speak. Sometimes, we are willing to go through it because we know that it’s right and necessary to do so.

When we say I love you, we INTJs expect appreciation. The version of hell that is in our minds froze. The world in our minds have changed… as we knew it. Our minds explode.

When we INTJs  say we love you, we hope that you are patient and compassionate. We don’t have a lot of practice saying it. We are going to be self-conscious in delivery. Know that when we finally decide to say that we love you, we mean it.


2 thoughts on “When an INTJ is considering saying “I love you” to someone.

  1. I’m going through this right now, actually. Building up to saying it to her face at this point. It’s good to know someone else out there feels similarly about this.


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