Being on the other side of the piano after a sermon is over.

Last weekend I was in a Retreat that my church’s Youth Group Organized. I usually serve as a musician. At any post sermon ministry session, I’m playing the piano for at least 30 min. and I have to not be totally present in what’s going on on the other side because my piano playing has to be on point. Then there is the fact that I have to hide my sometimes real desires for prayer because I have to serve. I’m not complaining. I am just stating the facts.

On Saturday, July 2nd, a preacher came with his musician family. This meant that I didn’t have to think about being a musician after the sermon. I never took this as a excuse to not do anything, as I took the roll of paper towel (that I started to bring after finding out that the Director never plans for it and ends up using toilet paper) and administered it to the Youth.

It felt weird being on the other side of the piano, because I’m not used to the task. Yet, it felt like I needed to be on the other side once. I needed to understand that role. I needed to take a break from being the musician and just sing out to the Lord. I needed to take on a different role in leadership. The break felt healthy.

I realized that it’s not that easy being on the other side. I realized that one needs practical training to be able to respond to it well… training that I don’t have. I realized that I got distracted at times (as it happens to me in music) and that distractions on the other side can lead to real injury, because of the more physical nature of watching out for falling people or people dancing in the spirit. I also realized that if I as a leader stayed in the wrong place long enough people in the pulpit would interpret it as I want prayer. I am not going to deny prayer if God has something for me, but in that position I am not going to look for or expect prayer when other people are waiting for it.

I would be on the other side again if the situation calls for it, i. e. there are other musicians there. I learn other skills and have certain privileges that I loose in music.


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