Today I witnessed a miracle.

In April, I found out that I was denied admission to the psychology degree at a public university in Puerto Rico. I tried to see what I could do to get a second chance… that second chance seemed like a low probability occurrence by both me and the program admission coordinator. 4 people had to drop out to be admitted. Only a miracle from God would have made that be. So I decided to leave it be, and focus on getting a job.

I saw a position on an organization that sparked my interests and I decided to apply. I was scheduled for an interview, but was canceled at last minute. I wasn’t contacted again. I decided to let it be.

Having near victories in succession increased my stress level. I felt that I was failing in life because I was going no where. After a speech from my adoptive Dad, I realized that something had to change: something had to change in me. I applied to several jobs. I prayed to God, confessing my feelings toward this and the fact that I knew something had to change. Last night, I prayed to God for direction for my life. I prayed with the mentality that God would direct me to the job that God wanted me to have.

Today, I get a call from the psychology program. Enough people had dropped out and denied the admission to the program so that a spot was available to me. I accepted the spot, obviously, and got admitted. I saw God’s direction. I witnessed the miracle of entering the psychology program this year. God did it.

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