Evaluation of song performances in church

Song performances in this post exclude devotionals. The reason for this is that a devotional is a group activity while a song performance is an individual part. Also… because I say so.

Song performances, regardless of whether done individually or with someone else, can be divided into two categories (because I say so): song performances of songs you didn’t write and song performances that you composed yourself. Why? Because the process to the performance is different. Choosing a song to perform is a shorter, less personal process than choosing a song you wrote yourself. It’s probably one of the reasons why someone who sings a popular song tends to speak more than someone who sings a song they wrote them self. Someone that sings their own song puts more of themselves into it, regardless of whether they show it or not. They take a bigger risk than the person that sings a song someone else wrote and that already has popular acceptance.

To me, someone that sings a song that they composed is doing a higher quality performance than the person that sings something that someone else wrote. Then again, I am biased… and there are more criteria than this, like whether God backs the person singing or not.



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