When I’m on stress I…

… will start to loose concentration on simple tasks.

… will start to think about all of the things that could go wrong with the situation.

… will feel my body become consumed by the situation that stresses me out.

… will try to push my feelings and my physical reaction to one side so that I could be more rational and solve the problem. It doesn’t work that well.

… will try to keep it inside, especially if I’m in a public place.

… apply my lifelong training on how to live with stress.

… feel the internal battle for control.

… only share my stress with people that I trust.

… wish that I was better able to handle it.

… wish that it didn’t have the hold that it tends to have on me.

… feel that it’s shaving years off my life.

… wonder if it’s normal the way that I manage stress and my relationship with stress.

… feel that I might not be mentally normal and that there is something seriously wrong with me.

… feel that I need to hide my stress and the sources of my stress in order to not be an inconvenience in society.


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