God’s efficiency.

I like to think of God as an efficient God, because it gives me something to aspire to. I like to think that God is an efficient God because of how God operated on creation: creating self-sufficient systems that He supervises, instead of creating each individual thing. I like to think that God is way more efficient than I will ever be, because that gives me the comfort that God will do things better if I leave it in His hands.

Today I’m processing a sermon that a very spiritually inclined minister gave last night about how we need to treat each other (no exclusion, with love, and be at peace with each other… among others). The person that gave the sermon has a reputation of committing some, if not all, of the faults that he talked about in the sermon. Therefore, I had to take the sermon for what it was.

Seeing this, and the pattern in the Bible of who got to be known as great in the Bible, made me wonder how efficient is God. As someone that strives for efficiency, it would shake certain beliefs about God if I were to conclude that God is not efficient. I have thought that the efficiency of man is not the efficiency of God, which may better deal with the possibility that God is not as efficient as he is painted to be.

Today, though, I wondered… what if efficiency is not God’s priority? What if the goal of God is not related to efficiency and that efficiency is just an also? That would explain certain things in the Bible and beyond.


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