Meeting my future brother-in-law.

On Friday, I meet my future brother-in-law. I am nervous, not because I am meeting him, but because I still don’t have the house ready for the visit. I don’t know how he’ll respond to my “torture”… okay, so at this point I can just test how he fits in the family interaction. The torture part really is in the fact that I tend to throw everything I can think of during the probation period.

I have to take advantage of the 24 hours of “alone time” that I will have to do the most testing, before the rest of my family comes into the picture. I don’t have a structured game plan yet, but hopefully my brain won’t fail me when the time comes.

I haven’t been able to internalize that my oldest sister is getting married. I guess this has to do with the fact that I haven’t had to confront the reality of the event. I hope things go well for all parties. I hope that a good impression is left in the mind of the other when they leave.

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