INTJ view on Miracles.

Today I was praying before Sunday School. I was quietly reflecting on a concert called Miracle Fest that I went to last night. The thought that came to mind was:

The way that I look at the possibility of receiving a miracle is the same as the way adolescents look at the possibility of getting an STI: ‘It won’t happen to me’.

I am a rational person. Miracles are not rational. In the occurrence of a miracle, one looses control of what happens inside your body. Miracles challenge me to think by faith.

I know rationally that God is sovereign and that, if it is His will, a miracle can occur at any moment. I just don’t think that my faith is enough to purposely follow through on the occurrence of a miracle. Most of the time I don’t think that God will do a miracle on my body or my mind. I am aware that my faith goes that far. I don’t feel worthy of expecting a miracle at a specific time. When I think about expecting a miracle, the fear of failure in maintaining faith comes. I react by trying to suppress my desire to just allow myself to believe.

God has made miracles in my life, but it rarely happens because I ask or because I expect it. I am thankful to God for His mercy and grace… and the execution of His power and authority in the miracles he has made in my life. I think that I should keep an open mind as to what God wants to do with me at a particular time. I also admit my human weakness of wanting to have a stake on what happens to me all of the time. I know that God doesn’t always work that way. Miracles is one of those areas where I rarely have a stake in its execution. Miracles is something that I believe will not happen to me when I consciously think about receiving one. It’s like the idea behind the possibility of getting an STI.


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