Thoughts that short basketball players have.

I’m not a basketball player by any means. I do love basketball. I am 5’1.5”. This means that when I play basketball I am usually the shortest person on the court. When I play basketball, whether in a game or in practice, I get certain thoughts regarding my circumstance on the basketball court.

  1. Why am I practicing layups if I am never going to be able to attempt a layup in a real game?
  2. On that note, I don’t even know how to do a layup properly. Not that it matters because layups attempted by me will get easily blocked.
  3. Making three throws without jumping is really hard… if you don’t rely on your thigh muscle. 
  4. Making three pointers require not only enough force to get the ball to the rim but enough force so that the ball goes high enough to prevent blocking.
  5. Visibility is always reduced when having the ball on my hand.
  6. Am I really that valuable to the team?
  7. Am I running to run or is my running going to be worth it?
  8. Blocking a shot is a miracle… or an indicator that the other person sucks at shooting the ball and results in the ball hitting my nose.

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