How an INTJ reacts to bad news.

So this is the way I react to bad news. Might not apply to everyone.

  1. Silence. This is the most common way to react to bad news… which narrows it down from the reaction to almost every other type of situation. This silence, though, comes from not knowing what to say and what attitude to have. We prefer to stay silent and listen. Most people prefer that.
  2. Intense biological response. This can seem weird, but it is true for me. When I really care about someone and I hear bad news, I get a really intense physical reaction that I can’t control. This reaction makes it difficult to concentrate at times.
  3. There are thoughts as to some of the implications of the bad news. In my case, this does tend to have life and death implications because most of the people that I care about are at least 25 years older than me. So, most of the news have to do with illness and a loss of quality of life. Because I am an over thinker, I always think about how life could turn out if the person suffering illness dies. So, even if I don’t think about it deeply, I get really saddened when internalizing bad news.
  4. Wait to be on my own to think things through/writing it down. We need to understand our reactions and think about how we will formally take the news. Writing things down might be the best way to display what we feel. It helps with de-cluttering our minds.
  5. Monitor their status until recovery. This includes texts, phone calls, asking how they are.
  6. If necessary, do what we can to improve quality of life.
  7. Pray for those that are ill and family.

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