The last night of the NBA season.

Last night was an interesting night for NBA. Last night of the regular season and the focus was on two historic games: the Lakers vs the Jazz and the Warriors vs the Grizzlies. Both games had significant importance: Kobe’s last game and the Warriors were one game away from beating the 72-10 record held by the ’95-’96 Bulls for most wins in a regular season… among other things.

The Warriors game was broadcast from ESPN and the Lakers game on ESPN 2. There was only one problem: both games were broadcast at the same time with similarly timed commercial breaks. This left me, the viewer, to decide which event to witness fully. As a longtime Kobe fan, I chose the Lakers game. Yet when I chose to switch to the Warriors game I found that game more entertaining. It felt to me that this  broadcasting overlap was in itself a competition. As a viewer, I would recommend better planning from both the ESPN and NBA organizations so as to prevent this type of situation in the future.


At the end of the night, the Warriors ended the season 73-9 and Curry broke the 400th 3 pointers in a regular season mark. Also, the Lakers ended the season with a win facilitated by Kobe’s 60 points.




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