Stalker Stare

I was walking home from buying Subway when a dude was driving to the mini mall where the subway is. We both stared at each other as we passed by following each other’s path. Then it hit me: the stalker stare is real. I have it and so does he.

I can’t tell if this dude is an INTJ or not… probably not because we are that rare. Besides, I’m certain that the stalker stare is not manifested based on personality. This is a general human trait.

I have known that I have a stalker stare. It’s like the security camera in The Princess Diaries in the scene where Mia leaves the Queen’s property after finding out that she is princess of Genovia. Something interesting catches our eye and we analyze. Because some of those things are in movement, we have to track the object to satisfy our urge to absorb the visual stimulus.

We are not always good at hiding our stalker stare intentions. Sometimes we don’t care. Don’t worry, though. We might not remember you after a while… unless the stalker stare was significant. Even then, because you are a stranger we will not be able to identify you in a future time, so you are relatively safe. Your legacy with us who did the stalker stare might not.


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