Why do you love yourself?

Last Friday, a talk about identity was given by an expert on the identity theory. The question at the tittle was the question that was asked at the Children’s ministry thing. Mom stated that the kids have no answer to the question with a tone that indicated that the kids have no answer to the question because they don’t love themselves. I understand the idea of kids not loving themselves, but I think that this pattern is not that simple to determine. How can it be expected that the kids have an answer that is their own and not an attempt to cause an impression? How can they have an answer to this question if they don’t know themselves enough to have a tangible answer to the question? I think that a lack of development and a desire to impress and sound cool are factors that affect the validity of Mom’s arguments.

I observed from the memory of the talk that it was content dense. This has the implication that the teachers that were left behind would have to do some mental gymnastics to figure out a way to provide more details on each topic discussed: identity, self love, and bullying. If the person focused on just one topic she would have been fine. I would have not spoken about bullying because it was not necessary for that session. The second observation I made was that the topic of self love was presented under the assumption that these kids love themselves. That seems to be problematic because of the ethical dilemmas associated with it. The final observation was that being content dense screwed with time management and content application. Of course, I found out from talking to her that the person that gave the talk has no education training. This made the observations make sense.

Because of Mom’s statement, I started reflecting on the question of whether I love myself. As a 25 year old,  I still have no sure answer for this question. I have always loved my rational nature, especially after I found out I was an INTJ. I am aware that I have a strained relationship with my physical world, which includes my body. As an INTJ, love is a word that is confusing, so I wouldn’t use the word. I can say that I am more content with the way God created me on the inside than I was when I was younger, but I am still not 100% satisfied.


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