Finding out how similar I might be to my adoptive father.

Last Sunday, Dad preached about how God closes doors in your life to open others that are serious life upgrades. I heard his testimony and found out that God had given us the same type of experience and the same type of teaching.

Yesterday, Dad was parking at the place where they do the whole children’s ministry thing and this happened.

Dad: “I’m too far to the left.” (he proceed to align the car)

Mom: “That’s not necessary.”

Me: “Good to know that I’m not the only one that does this.”

Mom: “You guys are alike. I wonder where you came from.”

Okay, so this isn’t exactly how the conversation went. I can’t remember and this conversation happened in Spanish. But I wanted to illustrate a pattern: I am finding out how similar Dad and I might be.

Finding out that Dad and I are so similar is interesting, given what out personality types are (I’m an INTJ; Dad, ESTJ). It’s also interesting because we are not biologically related, yet we have enough common qualities that has warranted comments, both from me and Mom, about how similar we are. Through this type of event, we are both seeing how God works to unite us in this parent-child bond at this time in both of our lives.

Finding out that Dad and I are so similar brings a mixture of happiness and this weight of not knowing the implications of this discovery. Analyzing the data from yesterday’s conversation, it could be that Mom is finding out that I might not be what she expected when agreeing to adopt me as their child. Not that I care, anyway. I’m already used to that idea. I am aware, though, that this discovery might affect negatively how I relate to them when we are all together and when I’m alone with either of them. But I guess that this is a risk everyone takes when relating to other humans.



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