A half night with my adoptive parents.

I grew up in a house where spending time with family became a foreign concept. I could never understand how families could have a good time together. Especially, how could people spend time with their parents without it being torture. Because I broke ties with my mother and my father is always busy, I prepared myself to live a life where I would never have the opportunity to be able to hang out with parents as an adult.

Late last year, I asked my adoptive Dad if the arrangement that I had with the adoptive rents could include going to hang out. They both agreed, but no plans could ever come to fruition. This was something that made me think that it may not be meant to be and that I should just leave it alone. I interpreted it as God preventing disappointment, which I was okay with.

Last night, after returning from the place where we did the whole children’s ministry thing, I was going to go home when she invited me inside the house to hang out. I was startled, but I wasn’t going to say no… even if I had a small headache and was really tired. My intention was to stay for a short while, then I realized how important the moment was for all three of us… and how that moment might not be repeated for a while, so I decided to stay longer and take advantage of it.

Last night I got a glimpse of what having parents as an adult was like. The type of moments that I know I will never be able to have with my biological family… nor do I want to have with them. It felt good. It felt like a triumph. Yet it felt weird because I was getting to have an experience that I had prepared myself to never have. I am still not sure that going out to dinner with them will have the same effect, but if God thinks it will be good for us he will make sure it happens.


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