What did you learn?

I am reading a book titled “52 things Sons need from their Dad”. Don’t worry, I am not going to have a child. I am just reading it for fun. Anyway, this is a good book and it’s easy to read.

On one part of the book, the author was discussing how Dad’s could handle situations where the son messes up to focus on how the son can handle similar situations in the future. He talks about one dad who would always ask his son “What did you learn?” when the father saw him mess up. That, to me, was genius.

In my family, when I screwed up I got two reactions: either a big lecture that was a waste of time or nothing at all (mainly because I was good enough to keep most things a secret). I never learned anything significant from screwing up as a minor.

Since I turned 21, God has taken a more parenting role with me. He has been more engaging with me when I do good and when I screw up. To be honest, God never asked me this question in a literal sense. What He did do was that He put in me the mentality where I ask this question myself whenever I screw up or whenever I am in a conflict situation. God allows me to see what He is teaching me with a situation and where He wants me to go from it.

Yesterday, when I read this chapter of the book, I saw God as my father being the disciplinarian that I always needed but never quite got from my biological parents. I bookmarked this thought in my mind because I knew that this finding was important. I have seen God as a planner, as a Health Educator, as a logical God. Until yesterday, I was never able to see God as that father. That was refreshing to me. That opened my eyes and widened my vision of who God has been and is to me.

What did I learn? God is more father like than I imagined, and He has done that for a while.


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