Random Thought 28

One of the things that God has allowed me to do that gives me the most pleasure is to play alongside my father, whether I am in the drums, congas, guitar, or piano and he is on piano or accordion. Is a (not so) simple pleasure, to experience a harmonious bond of creating music together. It’s an experience that only my father and I currently share in my family.

Playing together, jamming together, is the process of finding ways to complement each other’s style, especially because I strive for creativity and innovation and my father keeps things… traditional and structured. Of course, I have to keep in mind that I have to innovate without disrespecting the established order and tradition.

Because my church’s organizational culture is more in favor of leadership from melodic instrument players than in percussion, my father usually takes the lead and I follow. There are times, though, when I am in the leadership role. It is then, that my father suffers because apparently he doesn’t know what to do. Still, I wouldn’t change playing alongside him for anything not worth that.


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