What do I see? I see God at work.

My sister-in-law makes a campaign to renovate my father’s first house.

I was told that my father approved the renovation of his first home. The idea was to do it to my taste so that I could live it.

I was resistant to the idea because I didn’t really want to live there. I went along just to keep my sister-in-law happy.

My sister tells me that she is going to get married. Everything changed. I knew that there was a possibility that I would have to move one more time. I told my sister to not make the decision based on the fact that I was there.

House renovation progresses to my approval. Roof is repaired. Pests are controlled. Backyard is taken care off. Windows, doors, and gates are selected.

Two weeks ago, God does something mysterious while I was cleaning my sister’s place and I’m able to see myself living in my father’s first home.

Today, my sister tells me that she will sell the house. It hit me that moving to my father’s first house is a matter of when will I do it, no longer if. I tell my father that my sister is planning to clean the house as an indicator of her desire to sell.

What do I see? I see God at work. Putting things together under my nose and carrying me through the process of moving to a more permanent place. A place where I will live for at least ten years. A place that I can call home, that I can make home. A place to start the next chapter of my life. A place to bring a partner to. A place to start a family at. A place to be myself and show myself. I see God showing me the way with actions and not by words. I see God being mysterious and caring. I see God taking care of my surroundings so that I don’t end up homeless or in a living situation that will screw my mental well-being. I see God as an analytic and long-term planner who takes care that the details align with the big picture that is my life.


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