Getting invited for a drink

I don’t drink. I have a predisposition for addiction and I know that I should not expose myself to alcohol or drugs. Getting invited for a drink is a new occurrence. I’m usually the one that doesn’t get invited to stuff. I have a concern that I would get pressured to drink by those that invite me.

To my surprise, the kid that invited me and a classmate that was with me was cool about it. No pressure. I walked to the place with the classmate and we both chilled  with no alcohol in our hands. Topics ranged from shows on Netflix to opinions about drug legalization.

My behavior when these types of conversations range is to stay quiet and listen… typical INTJ. Some of the classmates made comments that I was thinking that they were crazy or some negative thing. I actually was actively processing their comments in my mind. I was impressed about how much one of the classmates knew about the neurological effect of the drugs. Their positions didn’t surprised me, I just felt some conflict because I didn’t know what I thought about certain things.

In that time, we exchanged demographic information and information of our academic progress. Everyone that hadn’t known about my academic history was surprised that I was two years older than the oldest and had two degrees. For me, it was an eye-opener to see how two of the students had wasted one or two years of their academic life partying and had poor grades because of it. I didn’t judge them as people for it, I am just not used to hearing those type of college experiences.

I felt a bit out of place during that time. Not my usual environment. I am not social by nature, but I think that this experience was something that I needed to have. I needed to see that I could be in this environment and not fear the pressure to drink along with them. I needed to have the experience of socializing with my peers outside university grounds. I needed to listen and open my mind to what other people think. I needed to have that perspective in order to start forming my own ideas.

Will I do it again? Probably. Will I drink? Coke? Yes, that was what I felt was missing. Alcohol? Nope.



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