Things that seem obvious to an INTJ, but seem foreign to outsiders.

  1. What pisses us off is more related to the big picture than the actual event.
  2. Beginning to feel that things have reached a normal + experience status is more about feeling safe to let ourselves do so than actually having reached that state.
  3. We will label you an idiot if you are idiotic, even though our mind tells us from time to time that one idiotic action doesn’t make you an idiot. We can’t help it.
  4. Our intuition sucks when planning things with the memory of what a space was. 
  5. We don’t consider important to find out details about something that could be important but the other person doesn’t divulge to us voluntarily. We are perfectly content to know that your wife is hospitalized and not know where she is. We are perfectly content just knowing that someone died and don’t feel the need to ask for the name of the cadaver. (Sorry Dad and Mom… light bulb for another post)
  6. We think too much. You have no idea.
  7. We have a vision for everything. We have a dream… for even the most mundane things. I have a vision of what my dream space will look like. I have a vision for my adoptive parents’ Christmas presents.
  8. We share our dreams, visions, ideas, and mental accomplishments to give ourselves bonus points for our awesome ideas. 
  9. When we say to someone that we love them, we mean it with all of our cold stone heart. We have also spent many hours of biological energy in the mental process of being able to tell you that we love you without thinking that we are lying to you. Be grateful that we were willing to go through that process, because it means that you matter to us.
  10. We care to look good for ourselves, and our concept of being fly is not the same as the rest of the world’s idea of cool. If we do something that seems mainstream, it is not because we care about you. It is because we find it convenient.
  11. We care about you… if you are considered important in our mind’s. It doesn’t matter whether you have been around for 10 years or for 1 year, if you are not considered important we don’t really care about you.
  12. We have values that are hard to break. Values that are not aligned with anything that this world has to offer. It’s unique to us because we created our value system.
  13. We know better… about our areas of expertise.
  14. We analyze everything. Our eyes are like the NSA airport scanner… without the x-ray.
  15. We like to be mysterious and have control over what we project of ourselves. We want to be people that are attractive because of our potential to offer depth and hidden gems. We want to be our own versions of the mysterious James Bond type figure. We will want to edit our memories completely… to our liking… if we can. Because we can’t, we will just keep parts of our life away from the public eye.

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