Last night’s experience of working in a group.

Last night the Social Psychology class was dedicated to working on a group assignment that we were supposed to do on Monday, but no one had read the assigned chapter. Last night, our group met to try to finish the assignment in one sitting. Soon after the meeting started, I realized how much my group sucked. They didn’t even understand what the instructions were. Therefore, I had to rely mainly on what I had done on my tablet (equipment used for the meeting) a few hours earlier.

Another group member had done something similar and gave me the work on USB, but as I was reading it I realized that what she did sucked. She didn’t focus on our attitudes and instead focused on the selection of the characters. Her grammar and her writing style is hard to correct. To top that, she had to leave early because her ride was waiting and the way that she managed that made her look like a jerk. She didn’t apologize for the inconvenience and was in a mentality of “It’s late and I did my work, therefore I am justified in leaving. You keep working and I will just read it once you are done to approve.” My attitude towards her changed that very moment for the worse.

I don’t like working in groups to finish a project because I think it’s inefficient and because I work better alone, but I went along with it. Okay, so I went along with it because the usual method of dividing the work and leaving was proving to be more troublesome than me staying and ensuring that the work was done right. At the end of the meeting, I said that I was going to finish the work and share it. I usually don’t like taking the leadership role because it’s not my style. I am making an exception because I know better and I know that the work will be so much better if I am in charge.


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