Social Psychology homework: Find out where your High School classmates are now.

I had homework last night in my Social Psychology class as a result of a heated discussion about high school classmates that were part of a vicious cycle of poverty in PR: I had to find out where my high school classmates are now. There is only one problem with that: I cut ties with my graduating class. I don’t know where they are. I don’t really care to know how the people who were the source of my pain for my teenage life are doing now. I don’t want to know that they are doing better than me. Ten years ago, this would have been an impossible homework. Thank God for Facebook. That made my job a lot easier.

I found out that a lot of them got married. Some had kids. Some were doing graduate studies. Most had real world jobs. Life kept going… for all of us.

There is this thing about my research into what my high school classmates were up to that was biased: we only put in Facebook that which is the best part of our lives. There seems to be no suffering in Facebook. I only get part of the picture. That’s fine with me.

I saw their profile pictures and saw that they were older, but not much had changed about them physically speaking. They were still recognizable after close to 3-8 years since seeing them.

I got the feeling that I might have missed out on something important. They were people that I spent considerable amount of time with. Now they are memories.


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