Taking the time to share emotions.

As an INTJ, sharing how we feel towards another person is as close to sinning as it could get. Okay, so that was an exaggeration. Sharing what we feel about anything is not natural for us and we suck at it. For the most part, we try to live a life where this is not something that we need to do.

There are times though, where I at least feel that this exercise is due. A time where showing appreciation and gratitude to a person for what they have done and who they have been towards me is a good idea. I would never do it in person, though. Too emotional and too risky. Writing is better for this type of message.

It doesn’t have to be something complicated, a simple text often times is enough. At least I think it is.

My perception is that when I do this the other person will not understand the value of me taking the time to be thankful; of showing feelings. This makes me reduce the desire to show someone that they are important and valuable to me. Sometimes the risk needs to be made, for my sake.


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