Thoughts about who I am.

I am forcing myself to write about something. Like this sentence.

I’m an INTJ. 4 letters used to mean so much, but I’m not just an INTJ. Christian is not anywhere in MBTI, Jung, or 16 personalities theory. It’s obvious that the theories are made to be applicable to almost everyone (to leave room for people that can’t be typed, if there is such a thing). I’m me. That I use my personality type according to these tests is something of a preference so that I can speak the language that a portion of the human population can understand what I’m saying.

Personality types don’t take into account personal experiences. It doesn’t take into account the type of secrets we keep. It doesn’t take into account what our family is. It only takes into account what we answer in a test. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of personality test and personality typing. I just have to be use critical thinking to analyze this… because I’m an INTJ.

A personality type shouldn’t define me. I should define myself using the tools at my disposal.


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