Building trust with fast food employees when you are a customer

I’m sort of a regular at a flamers restaurant at a mall close to home. Most of the employees have been there for at least two years (and I’m giving a moderate estimate). This means that they know my usual order. Sometimes jokes are made and some non-superficial topics are discussed.

One time, I went there and I ordered my usual order using hand signals. The employee that attended me saw that I had my hand up to signal the order, a number 5, and decided to give me a high five because he just needed social contact. I am laughing as I type. I also keep this data in my mind, because it’s an indicator of trustworthiness. In my mind, I interpret this as “I’m getting somewhere good because I’m being trusted with certain stimuli.” We make a few jokes and then I part to my house.

Today, I went to flamers to buy lunch. On the way,  I saw one of the employees at a cold stone talking to the cashier there. My first instinct was to pull down on the man purse he had, but I decided not to do it because even though there is some rapport between the two of us I feared a negative reaction either from him or someone around us. So I walked by him and ordered the usual at flamers. While I was waiting for my food at flamers, this employee stood next to me with his arm making contact with mine. I look to my left and there he was, joking around. All of the employees and I proceded to make a few jokes, and then we parted ways.

I feel that I have accomplished something, though I don’t necessarily know what. I feel that there is a rapport and a certain trustworthiness in our actions. Yes, it’s superficial in nature. But there is a certain bond that is formed.


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