There is a TED talk about human deception… how we humans are masters of deception and that the main victim of this deception is ourselves. That we need to be more honest with the lies that we tell ourselves.

I have been deceiving myself into thinking that I am righteous on and off for close to a decade. I’m not. I tell lies to myself to justify small things. I tell lies about big things. I make myself into thinking things about other people that may or may not be true. I deceive myself.

I don’t know how to change this. The TED talk speaker said that we should be more honest. That’s a good first step, but I need more. What should I do after I caught myself in one of my deceptions? My deceptions are not demonic; therefore, I can’t cast it out. I can’t say for sure that it’s a stronghold; therefore, I don’t know if the solution is to take self-deception down. I don’t know… yet.

This is one of those many things in life where the foolproof solution is to ask God and wait for his answer and guidance.


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