INTJness hair

This isn’t true for all INTJs.. not like I have officially met another in person. No one that has been confirmed, though. I just want to make a lighter mood type post and write about something more mundane. That topic is my hairstyle.

It’s a simple concept, really. I have a simple even cut hairstyle that I only cut once a year. I cut my hair, usually in late April. During the first 6 months I am okay with the length of my hair, which is the only thing that I really care about. After that, I start to think that at some point I should cut it, but it’s not necessary at that point. At the 10 month mark I seriously think that I am getting annoyed with the length of my hair because it’s hard to maintain it. But I don’t make any serious plans until 12 months after the haircut. I go get a haircut and this process starts all over again. I don’t like messing with my hair. I like my hair as it naturally is, even though I wish it were more manageable.

I adopted this hairstyle philosophy from a classmate at school who did the same thing. I always admired his intellect and his carefree nature (He is obviously not an INTJ). I am not carefree like he is, but I do appreciate this philosophy for its benefits: like low hair care costs and low levels of life interference because of my hair. This was a part of his legacy as a part of CMMS class of 2008. To an extent, this has become part of my legacy too.


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