Should I delete world theory in order to make a better purer moral compass?

As I finished writing the last post, I wondered what to do with the finding that many of the theories about life have had significant faults; whether I should just make my theories without taking into account what is accepted in society or not. So far, I have had to form my own theories and ideas that reflect reality better and… righting what is so wrong about the existing theory.

I do admit that this is coming from my mind and that this dilemma might not exist in the real world… whatever that is. Yet this is a struggle that I encounter on almost a daily basis. I know in my mind that the world is so wrong on so many things and that I need to not accept them as true and not adopt them into my moral compass. I need to think critically, even if I have opposition (I think I’m right anyway, so I just classify these people as idiots and keep going). I have this need to have the purest moral compass that I can in a world that has a basis for living that is so screwed up.

Because I am a Christian, the thought of me using “the world” might imply that I am excluding Christians from this judgement. I’m not. I am fully aware that most Christian leaders had at least some form of worldly upbringing and have not fully shaken off that moral compass. This is why I as a person that shows resistance to that aspect of church’s moral compass have had so much trouble in the past few years. I also know that the Bible was written for people that came from “the world” to Christianity. The Book was not written for people that were raised in the church. This is why some Bible verses don’t have much applicability to us. Yet I haven’t met anyone that realizes that and has partaken the task to figure out how to… “tailor” the teachings of the Bible so that it can become as a form of primary prevention for us people that were raised in the church. I haven’t seen it done appropriately.

Now that I have thought about it briefly, I don’t think that I should discard it. I don’t want to repeat the history of corruption of my moral compass by adopting a screw what “progress” has been made. I need a basis from which I can make my “theory of the practice” from. I need to use what other’s understand so as to guide them to the truth… or at least the truth as I have concluded. I need to know what is out there to be able to combat it with what I think is right. Hopefully what I think is right is closer to what God thinks it’s right because I don’t want to corrupt things further.

In conclusion. Should I delete world theory in order to make a better purer moral compass? No. I should use it to my advantage.


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