I wear glasses… cause I’m somewhat blind.

When I get an eye exam and buy a new pair of glasses, I tend to do it in a rational way. That probably pisses the doctor’s off, because I’m probably not a good patient. I know how indecisive I can be with choosing lenses because I don’t want to make a mistake (I accidentally added .25 to my prescription because I was too tired one of the times that I did my exam with the first doctor). Thankfully the last two doctor’s were patient and thorough. I explain what goes on and why it happens. Probably annoying. Oops.

Making the decision on what pair of glasses to take is also a long and rational process. Decisions are hard when I don’t feel that I have all the data to make a good decision. When I make a decision of what eyeglasses to take home, I take into account brand, design, my preferences, and price. I was once sold a Prada brand pair that (a) was too expensive for a young person, and (b) isn’t my style. Never again will I make that mistake. I rather stick with Ray Bans. Cheaper and more youthful (though I look like I have access to the fountain of youth, zits included). I choose solid colors that don’t grab too much attention (though I though about breaking the pattern this year). I always choose black, but I am in contemplation on whether I want to change that in the future.

It’s funny to me how much energy I put into a decision that might only affect me once a year. Okay, so the year I wore Prada affected me the whole year because I felt that I was giving the wrong message. Regardless, I should rationally cut short on the time it takes to make a decision, but I fail every time.

I have new glasses right now, fitted. Nice. The frame doesn’t touch my cheekbone, where zits would develop and probably get infected. The glasses no longer needs adjusting because they stay in place. I found out that the different retailers were selling me glasses that were too wide for my face… repeatedly. I see clearly, which means that I didn’t screw with the prescription (Thank God!).



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