Thoughts on the use of academic knowledge to know God

I want to expand on something that I wrote on my last post:

I can also ask God, because I don’t think that God would have created the universe without some theoretical construct: the theoretical construct that we humans are still trying to understand (but that’s for another post).

I have thought about this recently. I have to, because I feel that I have to defend the use of academic knowledge in church sermons. I am a firm believer in using the theories, models, theorems, postulates, laws, etc. in sermons and as tools to understand and get to know God.

In my church, at least, this is an idea and belief that is shamed. The idea that is accepted is that the only three things that you need is a dictionary, a Bible analysis book, and the Bible (duh). The problem that I have with this is that this idea is promoted by leadership that don’t have many studies and that the church as a whole are limiting sermons for those of us that did study. I think that if you don’t use what you studied as a tool to know God and to share information about God to others, you wasted your time in college.

The Bible starts with creation. Only God created. Therefore, everything in its purest form came from God. That includes what is published in academic journals. The thing to watch out for in the knowledge as taught in the universities is that the theories doesn’t have Jesus as its focal point. Therefore, the knowledge is not in its purest form or there are things missing in the analysis of the information discovered. Many researchers want to avoid God at all costs… and the implication is that they will interpret the information at their fingertips in such a manner that it becomes corrupted.

This means that we Christians are left with a choice. We can accept the idea that the knowledge obtained by researchers and other academics do not have an origin in God and keep academic studies separated from the rest of our Christian lives or we can accept the challenge of searching what in the theories that we are taught in university is of God and what is the corruption. I already made my choice: I put Jesus in the center of my studies. What will you do?


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