Does an INTJ analysis explains behavior?

Last night I was taking my social psychology class as a prerequisite for my psychology graduate studies. One of the things that the professor talked about was the idea that psychology is just descriptive but doesn’t explain what happens in society… close enough. That really caught my ears, because one of my key goals in life is to understand and be able to explain why things happen in my surroundings. To hear that psychology will not necessarily help with this goal is… neutral. I don’t think I will have a crisis over it, but it might be something to keep in mind as I go through my studies.

The professor might not be 100% right, but I can’t tell with 100% certainty. Time and data analysis of psychology content will give me more answers. I can also ask God, because I don’t think that God would have created the universe without some theoretical construct: the theoretical construct that we humans are still trying to understand (but that’s for another post).

This comment also gives me an idea of where I don’t want to go: I don’t just want to denounce what happens. I want to be able to not just explain why it occurs but also to find ways to promote health behavior change.

As an INTJ, I want to rationally understand the world and myself. I want to know the principles behind what happens. When I hear that the field that I love and the field in which I want to pursue higher education in is only descriptive in nature, I wonder if there is a way to go beyond that. Some fields and theories give indications that they do (as if they are animated things). Yet I am questioning that at the moment. I wonder whether INTJs can explain behavior or not. Do they have the same pitfall as the other types of people in psychology? Have I been believing something about me that is false? Have my attempts to explain behavior sucked?

I don’t know. I will try to find out.


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