Things that INTJ Pastors would do differently

  1. Ban laying of hands below the shoulder.
  2. They would not allow people who sing decently or in lower quality to sing in the altar.
  3. They would reprimand someone that doesn’t make the cut for not accommodating to church culture before trying to make things their own.
  4. They would have a probation period of 6 months for a person filling a certain position, not a year.
  5. They would use APA 6th edition format for their sermons.
  6. They would have one day of the week to plan the sermons for the entire week, but would practice each sermon at least 7 times before the congregation even heard it.
  7. They would keep after sermon speeches to a minimum.
  8. They would never tell the congregation to hold hands.
  9. They would have every member of the congregation take the personality test as a requisite for membership.
  10. They would have a policy that all couples that are planning on getting married get an STD panel and a paternity test prior to marriage.
  11. They would have a kick ass church regulation book.
  12. People that give sermons would receive killer feedback from the INTJ Pastor after the church service ends.
  13. That also goes for testimonies, devotional, special parts, and others.
  14. They would educate the church on how to do stuff.
  15. They would give newlyweds either condoms or pregnancy tests as wedding gifts.
  16. They would have really high standards.
  17. They would have a hard time with church member’s emotions.
  18. They would have problems with their emotions as well.
  19. They would not be an adequate model for humility.
  20. They would be a kick ass model for self-confidence, though.
  21. They would plan activities taking into account the differences in personality types.
  22. Their death stare would be worse than any discipline given by the INTJ pastor.
  23. Their spouses will be looked at as heroes of the faith.
  24. They would be very committed to Christ and the church.
  25. They would be following the will of God… at your expense?

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