INTJ in church.

Being an INTJ in church is an anomaly. Seriously. I am misunderstood 99.9% of the time by other members of the church. Extroversion is dominant in the church. That sucks!

Being an INTJ in a church that as a whole doesn’t value critical thinking as I do, it is difficult for me to express my thoughts.

Being an INTJ in a church that doesn’t challenge me intellectually is interpreted as the idea that I’m in a stupid church. Cruel, but I can’t lie about this. I do think that most people in my church are stupid. Do take into account that my standards of intelligence are high, so me labeling someone as stupid doesn’t mean that they are stupid. Being in a church where I perceive most people are not in my level of intelligence puts me at risk to have close to zero humility.

An INTJ in church has to deal with stupid extrovert feeling stuff that INTJs think that are stupid and unnecessary.

An INTJ in church cringes on a daily basis because church members have no respect for personal space. On that note, one of the worst things that can happen to an INTJ is to have a group of extroverted and feeling church members form a prayer circle around you. Church members have an incorrect interpretation of what laying of hands mean, to the point where their laying of hands is synonymous with physical and/or sexual assault.


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