Using silences in sermons

Last Sunday night my adoptive father was the preacher. Yesterday I gave him feedback on it, as I told him that I would, along with paintings of the sermon… the first 3 in the slideshow were drawn out because I thought about it in the sermon and the last 3 because he asked me to after the church service.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the feedback, I expressed that he should work to incorporate silences to have a separation between the different sections of his sermon more noticeable because his tone of voice doesn’t change. I argued that the silence could also help the listener internalize the content received.

When I think about the sermons that I have given, my sermons have some really prominent silences in comparison to my dad’s sermons. Even though my sermons are ridiculously planned, the silences are not planned with the other people in mind. My silences happen because I don’t mainly preach in front of the podium where my outline is and I don’t memorize all of the sermon by heart. This means that I have to go back to the outline every time I go from one section of the sermon to another. Because I don’t like preaching behind the podium, the time between one section and another is about 4-5 seconds. Just enough to make the silence noticeable, maybe not enough for it to be awkward… I think.



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