Headphone volume.

In the book Quiet, by Susan Cain, there was a example given on how introverts and extroverts differ in what is there optimal volume to do a listening task, the extrovert having a higher optimal volume than the introvert. This reminds me of one day at my high school when I was in 9th grade and a classmate asked to borrow my CD player to listen to a song. When he put on my headphones he couldn’t hear any music and responded: “How can you hear?” After he was done, he gave the CD player back to me. When I pressed play to listen to music, I felt pain in my ears because he had raised the volume to its peak, 9, and I never raised it above 6.

It would be safe to assume that this classmate is an extrovert.

As an introvert, I try to be courteous in public and in my apartment complex by having the volume of anything just high enough so that I can hear but not high enough to be a disturbance to other people. But the reality is that I don’t need for the sound to be loud and painful. I can’t handle high sound stimulation for extended periods of time. I’m okay with that.

I do sometimes raise the volume of my tablet or my phone when I’m using it as a noise cancellation device and there’s a lot of noise in my surroundings, but I keep the volume in check.


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