Being told how I’m like x person.

One of the things that I have heard throughout my adolescence and adulthood is the fact that I’m similar to someone else that they know, whether it’s male or female. I’m told that I’m similar to them physically, same sense of humor, same hairstyle, the way we move, among others. This includes my oldest brother.

So you guys can understand why this is significant, my oldest brother is 14 years older than me. This means that we were raised by different families, even though we were born and raised by the same parents. We didn’t really interact until I left my parents house. When I interact with people that have interacted with my brother previously, what other people say about us is that we are the most similar (something that my mother said when I was younger, but didn’t believe). Same sense of humor, same walking style, same preferences, same manner of analyzing the world. I don’t have to introduce myself in my brother’s social circle. I’m automatically identified as his sibling. “Genetics are very powerful”, I always say.

As for the strangers that I’m compared to, I can’t say much. It’s interesting, to say the least. I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or not, to know that there are other people who have traits and mannerisms that I possess. I don’t see it as that important because it only has meaning in the mind of the other person.

Being told that I’m like someone else is something that can be taken as an indicator that I’m not as original as I thought. It can also be taken as the natural process of other people needing to make sense of what I am by comparing it to what they already have in their mind. To be honest, I’m a product of the adoption of other people’s mannerisms, traits, styles, and other stuff. I may not be an original person as I might like to be. What might make me original is that the result of adopting other people’s traits, mannerisms, styles, vocabulary, projections, and other stuff is different than in other people. I don’t know enough to say that without wondering if I’m wrong.


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