Self evaluation

I decided at the end of last year to strive for being more Christ-like and actually pursuit. In the weeks since, I have decided to use the standard portrayed in 1st Timothy 3:1-7 (which is the one used in the book Measure of a Man) to evaluate myself and to start working on my self improvement. When I was reading the first chapters of this book, I realized that I could be biased in my self evaluation because I thought that I was a really crappy Christian that had no qualifications for leadership position at any church. As I read the explanations of each point in the standard, I realized that I might not be as bad as I thought but I do need to work on some really big problems. As I read the explanations for each quality that is part of the biblical standard, I have been better able to evaluate myself and see how far have I come in being able to live up to that standard.

This book is not meant to be a self study experience, which is why if I were to recommend this book (which I do) I would advise not doing it alone. Other than putting God at the center of this journey, the way that this book guides the reader for change requires the need for another person to hold you accountable to whatever change you propose doing. It also seems beneficial to have a different perspective so as to have more objectivity in the journey to behavior change.

I have things to work on that will take time. Hopefully with God’s help I can slowly but surely work on these faults and become more Christ like.



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