New Year’s Day

It’s 1023 when I start writing this post, at my “neighborhood” Starbucks. I live in an apartment complex, so neighborhood really doesn’t apply. But it’s close enough for me to go walking here from my house.

I would say “Happy New Year!”, but that is to extroverted for my INTJness… and you guys have seen this in the other posts that you have read today, or whenever. If I would go that route, it would look like this: “Happy New Year. I hope that you are still alive for the next one.” (sarcastic tone) So I think that I should not go for the somewhat obligatory New Year’s Day post.

Yet the tittle is New Year’s Day. Odd. I should change it. Nope. Too lazy. So much energy to waste in doing that change. (smile and quiet laugh)

As for New Year’s Resolution, I have done this in the past but I never really remember my New Years Resolution by the time February comes around. Who says that behavior change starts on January 2? You would think that I would say January first, but one might need that day to think about behavior change and to screw up one last time.

I did decide last year to work on my pride and the paradigm in which I rehearse for dealing with conflict, that won’t change as of today. I also decided to not try to pursue anything new in the church until I worked on my character. That hasn’t changed either.

New Year’s Day is another day. We just attribute a special meaning because we learn to do so from our families and the “world” that we live in. Us rational people try to bear that in mind, but even we can’t help ourselves but feel celebratory when the time comes to see another year go.


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