Accomplishing my Christmas Day dream.

This Christmas, I had a dream. A dream to give my adoptive parents the tools to solve potential conflicts in Sunday School, because it just so happens that he is the teacher’s assistant and she is one of the students… and I couldn’t just let this go without doing anything with the data. So I set out on a quest to find tools to make conflict resolution more efficient. I wanted to buy her a nerf gun and buy him a shield and baseball sized balls that soaked water and liberated water upon impact. So I went to my neighborhood Kmart to obtain the objects in my vision, only to find out that Kmart didn’t have the items in stock. So I had to go back to my mental drawing board and explore options to have the same effect. I ended up buying one small nerf gun for each and placed 15 extra darts on each bag. I also gave them a hand-written letter explaining my dream to them with instructions as to how to open their presents (so the gifts would make sense).

Yesterday I gave them their gifts and told them to not open their presents until the letter said so. I still hope that they followed instructions. I do know that they read the letter because Dad sent me a text responding to the gifts. From Dad’s response, I can say that the dream became reality: I got the laughter that I wanted as a reaction to them seeing that I gave them nerf guns for Christmas as a conflict resolution tool in Sunday School class.


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