Formal education regret

I wish that I can say that I don’t have regrets when it comes to my actions in formal education, but I can’t say that without lying. I don’t regret the approach with which I attacked every educational stage (go in, take class, leave)… that was until I was in my last month of my Supervised Practice at my master’s degree. I was happy that it was ending, but I realized that I missed out on the qualitative learning from my Practice Preceptor and his experience.

I had focused so much on getting the task done that I didn’t see the value of hanging out with the people around me, so as to learn from them. I had the perspective of go in, work, eat if needed, work, leave. I didn’t get to really see the social aspect until it was somewhat late. It wasn’t that I regretted not being there every day. It was about me not considering the benefit of setting aside time for a more mentorship aspect of the Supervised Practice.

My Supervised Practice Professor spoke about setting an hour a week to meet with my Preceptor, but her intention was to talk about the planning and execution of the Supervised Practice Project. I wish she would have spoken about actually getting to know my Preceptor as a professional and as a person. I, as an INTJ that used to value that in my formal education, lost that perspective as I went through bachelor’s and master’s degree.

If there is one thing that I can do differently about that type of experience is to actually partake in a mentorship dynamic with whoever is in a preceptor like position. I guess this is because I am older and with a perspective gained by knowledge and experience, but I think that if something will be different in my doctorate degree in comparison to the master’s degree it will be my goal to take more advantage of what the program has to offer.

As for my master’s degree, I will always have to live with the fact that I made a poor choice with my mentality going through it. On the positive side, I know what not to do in any professional situation that is similar to the Supervised Practice. I just hope that if (when) that moment comes I can do things right.


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